Music has always been part of my life as an essential element to express feelings and creativity. The first time I came in contact with the violin was at the age of 8 when I started learning to play it. After that period, the relationship with the instrument remained constant  participating in ensemble recitals, in folkloric festivals, playing with bands, etc. My inclination for the handwork encouraged me one day to bind music with the construction of instruments and to connect both activities – discovering thereupon the passion of my life: violin making.

I made my first steps in the year 2012 in the Berliner workshop of Kevin Gentges and Felix Scheit, where I stayed until 2014. There I learned the basic knowledge about the violin construction and of violin making and built my first instruments. 

Also in 2014, I frequented the workshop from Eduardo Valdivia in Berlin where I continued deepening in more specific aspects of the violin’s construction and architecture.  Later in 2018 I should complete another half year of student internship in Eduardo Valdivia’s workshop which focused on the reparation and restoration of historic instruments.

I the meantime of years 2014-2018 I completed a bachelor’s degree in string instrument making at the West Saxon University in Markneukirchen. There I attended courses on violin and viola making, acoustics, design, bow making, materials science, restoration and conservation techniques, etc. Renowned violin and string instrument makers such as Heiko Seifert, Stefan Rehms or Robert König work at the institute.

My last scientific works were dedicated to the tuning of top and and back plates and measuring the frequencies of the resonant corpus, while my final thesis centered around the influence caused by the different geometric shapes of the arched lids on the frequencies and vibratory characteristics of the resonant body of the instrument which affect different sound qualities.

My interest continues focussing deeper on the optimization of the sound by the acoustic analysis of the instrument’s different parts, which makes the perfection of the sound possible by an exact tuning of the different components’ interplay.